Regex are a very powerful tool and analogous to using Ctrl + F, just more precise. Regex and their symbols are common across all programming languages.

I have included a link to regex cheat sheet at the end of this page.

When you press Ctrl + F followed by Alt + R, you can search using regex. When you write \d, you will be directed to all digits in the search area. Whereas, when you input \D, you’re being directed to non-digits.

Websites that use a sign in or sign up option, using regex in the code helps check if…

Before OOP we had procedural programming that divided the program into a set of functions. So we have data stored under variables and functions operate under data. This is a very simplistic way of programming and often what you will be introduced to, as a beginner in programming.

But as programs larger and more complex, there will be too many functions that have to copied and paster every time you need them. If you make a change to one function, then several others break. This is something we frown upon and call spaghetti code.

Too much interdependency between all the…

Let’s start with the VERY BASICS. What is a log?

Log of ‘a’ to the base ‘b’ is essentially asking what ‘b’ should be raised to, to get ‘a’.

Log (base 10) 100 is essentially asking what do you need to raise 10 to, to get 100. The answer is 2.

Why do we use log base 2 in computer science?

When we’re dealing with any binary structure or a binary tree of sorts, if we take the asymptotic complexity (or behavior) of the traversal of the height, we are going to be using logarithmic values.

In balanced binary trees, we’re asking how many times can we split the original…

Array and linked lists are very similar to each other, yet very different.

Both can be used to store string, int, etc. However, in an array, the elements are indexed. So if you wanna get to the fourth element, you can *boom* do that in an instant. In a linked list, you have to start with the head (first element) and work your way through one by one, until you reach the fourth element. This makes linked lists significantly slower in comparison because it takes linear time (Big oh is linearly dependent on the number of elements in your input).

Then why would someone ever use a linked list over an array?

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